PDAC 2018

Skyline Assayers is attending PDAC 2018 (March 4-7, 2018).

We invite all to visit us at Toronto Convention Center-south side Booth No. 839. Skyline Assayers operates its full service laboratory with sample preparation in Tucson, Arizona. Serving the Mining Exploration market since the early 1900's with vast experience in Cu-Mo total and partial extractions technique, Fire Assay, as well as Metallurgical Services for Column Leach Testing, Cobalt Hydroxide, Bottle Rolling. We serve the markets in Northern Mexico in Sonora, all of USA with sample pick up services available for Southwest USA: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, California  We also serve Central Africa for the Co, Cu markets in Ghana, Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo. Skyline has ICP-OES, ICP-MS, Atomic Absorption Instrumentation, Automated Titration.